ParetoLogic Data Recovery

ParetoLogic Data Recovery 1.1

Recover deleted files from your hard drive and other devices


  • Two scanning modes, standard and advanced
  • Scans both the hard drive and other devices
  • Shows previews of most files
  • Works also with email messages


  • Advanced mode is very slow
  • Filtering messages doesn't work properly


Deleting an important file by accident is not as rare as it may seem. We've all been through that shameful experience of saying "Yes" to that confirmation window, only to discover a few seconds afterwards that we really didn't want to delete that file.

Fortunately there are programs like ParetoLogic Data Recovery, with which you can recover previously deleted files either from your hard drive or from other devices connected to your computer, such as the iPod or a USB memory stick. The program can also work with email messages.

ParetoLogic Data Recovery scans the selected locations in search of recently deleted files. With some patience – because the program takes a while, especially in the Advanced Scan mode – and a bit of luck, you may be able to recover those good old photos in a couple of clicks.

ParetoLogic Data Recovery also lets you refine scanning by searching for a specific file name or text, but I found out this doesn't seem to work properly. So if you're looking for a certain file, you probably need to perform a full scan and then search for it manually among results. At least the program shows previews of most recovered files, which may help a lot when sorting them out.

With ParetoLogic Data Recovery and a bit of luck you may be able to recover accidentally deleted files from your hard drive or connected device.

ParetoLogic Data Recovery


ParetoLogic Data Recovery 1.1

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